Our Mission

Creating projects that educate citizens and communities by investing and creating platforms for knowledge and financial growth.


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We Have the Power to Impact Our Future, and We’re Doing Something About It.

We do not take our power or the ability to use it well lightly. Our responsibilities to God and our communities drive us to be good stewards over all of the things that God has given us. We are excited and encouraged to be able to share those things with you. As we continue to move through unprecedented times, we recognize that it is also a time for unprecedented solutions. Learn more about the mission of 2SG and find out how you can join us!
Ambassador Partner Program

Our Top Priorities

We are committed to our mission in every way. That means that we endeavor to take creative, multi- functional, sustainable approaches to problems that have been plaguing our communities. Real change not only has to start somewhere–it has to keep going. 

Relationship Building

Building strong relationships is the cornerstone of good success. 

Building together is the best part of success. Come join us.

You and your purpose are important to us. 

Let’s build something life-changing together.

Together is the only way forward. Do you have the tools you need to build?

Pay It Forward Award Program

Our commitment to our communities lies at the very heart of who we are. 

Our responsibility to God, ourselves, our families and our communities lies at the core of this impactful scholarship.

Paying It Forward is a principle that showcases our commitment to action on behalf of our communities. 

Financial Empowerment

Creating a solid foundation for a strong financial future is a key to good success. 

We help create solid foundations for strong financial success.

Financial Success requires right knowledge and committed action. Presenting 2SG Ventures and Investment Group, LLC.

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