A Top Priority

Financial Empowerment


As the CEO, I am passionate about financial empowerment and filling knowledge gaps around it with the right information.
I think that it is a setup that we are not taught to save, we are not taught about investments, about business ownership and wealth creation. 
I wanted to do something about that. (Cissy, 2SG Ventures and Investment Group CEO)
Living and enjoying a vibrant and abundant life is so much more difficult when you can’t afford to go on a vacation, spend quality time with your family, or even create a viable savings account. This is a challenging and painful place for our people. We are so emotional about our money, but we have to shift out of that way of thinking. 2SG is going to help support that!
When we learn that money is really a tool to be used accordingly, we can begin to create new ways of thinking about it that can be beneficial to us. Ways that support us and our families and communities without it being a crippling burden. And we can help to teach others. 
Being in relationship with Our Creator is necessary for the wisdom required for financial growth. He has given us the power to create wealth. That is the energy that we need to focus on, believe in and work towards. 
At some point in the early stages of my business journey, I realized that I was making $15,000.00 a month. I had my business up and running, and I was also still working a  job full-time. I was also still coming up broke at the end of the month. I know that sounds crazy. And it was. But I began to ask God to teach me and show me what I needed to know and to give me the courage to do as He directed. And He did. Then I began teaching what I learned to my children. And other people. And other people’s children.
We have to begin changing our mindsets about money. Only then can we begin to change our relationship with it.
“Never let money get you disrespected.”
“Never compromise your principles in pursuit of a dollar.”