A Top Priority

Relationship Building


We must understand that building good relationships is a crucial key to being successful. That’s why 2SG is committed to building great relationships. Your success is important to us.

As you live, grow and learn, you will find that you will encounter different levels of people with different levels of thinking. Know that as you encounter these people, know that you are being armed with knowledge. That your sword is being sharpened. That you are being prepared in the process of the journey.

When 80% of your crazy successful business is through word of mouth and other business owners, you better believe that we believe in quality relationship building!

A sincere desire to serve God’s people provides a great base from which to build relationships. The people who are assigned and aligned to you will show up. The people who are not will go along with their journeys elsewhere and in other ways. Letting people go is an integral part of relationships also!

You can only build integrity into a relationship by being your authentic self.